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Tani and Solo - Week 1

Where to start?!

Pick up day was a long day for all involved, but I really have to commend Colleen and the other VBA crew for running it like clockwork. I know the Brumbies I saw loaded did so calmly with little to no fuss and I know that Solo floated like a champ! We arrived home just as the sun was going down and he unloaded calmly and was accepting of me being in his yard with no stressed reaction.

I work full time Monday to Friday so time spent with Solo is done before and after work in the dark under lights. It’s been cold and I’ve been soaked through a couple of times but it’s already been so rewarding!

I have worked on having him yielding in and away from me, particularly disengaging his hind to encourage him to draw in to me. On Saturday I spent over 6 hours just sitting with him next to his hay and he relaxed the most he has all week, eventually snoozing less than a meter from me and on Sunday nickered to me when I arrived which was nice for me, although if I’m honest with myself is likely because he is connecting my arrival with his hay!

Solo seems to be a calm horse by nature, and accepting of new things, although underneath that is still a wild Brumby who is still wary of humans when we are moving. While he isn’t yet ready to really be touched by me yet, he will take hay from my hand, and went so far as to grab some scraps off my lap!! I can throw hay over the fence without him flinching, put new things in his yard, like a rug and an esky, with nothing more than curiosity as a reaction and he has gained a lot of confidence throughout the week in being in my space and having me in his.

The goal for week 2 is to have him comfortable with being touched over the better part of his body, and teach him to accept a halter so we can start going on little adventures out of his yard with his paddock buddy Rosey!

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