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Tani and Solo - Week 10

Due to personal reasons, Solo and I had a slow week this week, but when I did work with him, he showed more and more of the previously elusive relaxation which makes me more comfortable to ride him. His condition is also starting to really come along nicely, with him gaining enough weight for me to think he is ready for the weight of the saddle.

On Saturday we had a particularly good training session, with his responsiveness being snappy with little need for added motivation from me. I introduced the saddle for the first time and he had a good sniff and it was like he had worn one before which was great to see!

I have the following two weeks off work so they will be quite intense in work load for him. I plan to have the first sit with the saddle on Tuesday, with first ride under saddle on Wednesday and first ride under saddle off the property on Thursday.

I have the vet coming out for check up on Tuesday and his teeth will be done. I haven’t wanted to introduce a bit until his teeth are done as I don’t want any chance of the experience being painful for him.

I am looking forward to the next two weeks, and will be taking the opportunity to get him and about under saddle in as many new places as possible.

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