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Tani and Solo - Week 13

This week was pretty horrible weather wise, so Solo’s two day rest turned into a four day rest and even after the rain stopped, the ground was too slippery to do a lot of work.

He seems to really thrive with longer rest periods, and was really bright, confident and full of beans on Friday! He has stacked on more condition and now I will be focussing on converting this into more muscle!

Even though he was full of energy when I entered the paddock, he still stood for me to catch him even though one of my others was carrying on just meters from where we stood. I find this a great testament to his overall level headedness that he wasn’t stirred up by the other horse’s antics!

Sometimes we 'break' one thing to teach another and as I was leading him through the paddock he was getting a lot closer than usual, and when I stopped was side-passing around me till he was beside me before stopping. I’m fairly certain that this was due to with the work we started on self-loading onto the float last week when I was getting him to move a lot when I wasn’t and moving quite close to me between the float and myself.

So we went right back to the start and practiced stopping when I stopped, not seeing me stop then side pass a few paces till he was beside me before stopping.

Being the smart little dude he is, it didn’t take long for him to understand but it was dark by the time we had it established so we left it at that.

The weekend was another quite couple of days for him and even with the limited handling this week, it was great to see that Solo is now completely comfortable with my fiancé approaching and patting him all overwith Solo having lost his ‘you’re not normally this close, what are you doing?’ look!

We are getting to the pointy end of the challenge, and I need to step up the work load, even if the weather is against us, but at least the days are getting longer so when I finish work it is still light!!

Next week we will be focusing on furthering his foundations under saddle and more work on self-loading onto the float.


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