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Tani and Solo - Week 16

Well I got my results back this week and have damage to a couple of discs and vertebrae in my lower back. Because of the swelling, one of the discs is touching the nerve and causing me grief.

My osteo and I have put together a rehab plan and unfortunately due to the nature of the damage, while it isn’t caused by the horses, I am not to ride in the short term until I strengthen the muscles around the site of the pain which will help reduce the swelling and so reduce the pain.

I believe allowing young or green horses to rest is important for their mental and physical health and even though it is a far longer break than I had planned on giving him throughout the challenge, Solo is doing well, is bright within himself and is looking great!

I will start doing short 20 minute sessions of ground work with him again next week as the medication I am now on has offered some relief so walking doesn’t hurt so much but any more than 20 minutes on my feet is still too much for now.

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