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Tani and Solo - Week 17

Solo is loving life at the moment!

I turned four of my crew out into my Jenny Craig paddock as after all this rain and sun gone it's now got so much grass it is currently better suited to fattening horses up! I need the paddock to get back to Jenny Craig status to get my fatty Flicka through spring so they all get to enjoy the fresh green pick for a while.

Solo had already been paddocked with both Flicka and Russia but it's the first time he's been in with Sox who is the resident peacock and bully (written in the most loveable way <3). I was interested to see how Solo would handle Sox and while they had a good gallop around, Solo stayed true to form and took the over the top displays with a level head and soon taught Sox that his bully antics weren't going to fly with a tough little dude like him!

Today I was able to give all of them some love, catch and worm Solo and give him a good rub all over you wouldn't know he's hardly been handled in weeks!) and he studiously ignored Sox when he got all into his personal space trying to demand attention!

The fact he is still so easy to handle shows the foundations have stuck and I love that he knows that when I'm around I might have a job for him to do and stays focused on me.


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