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Tani and Solo - Week 19

On Monday night when I went to check the crew, I was able to separate two of the four horses I had in together and move them into a new paddock, and didn't need to halter any of them! Win! Solo was a champ and did exactly as I asked with no fuss.

He was then super cute and left his girlfriend Flicka to follow me around the paddock investigating what I was doing (checking fences and water). This isn't the first time he's wanted to be with me in the paddock, but it's the first time he's left the other horses to do so.

Due to my back injury I have had all my horses un-rugged and they are all looking great! I’m so happy with Solo’s condition and have posted some comparison photos on my facebook page which shows how well he is now doing on the basic roughage based diet I have him on!

Speaking of my back, I got the all clear to have a short ride to see how I pulled up afterwards so went for a short ride on my old faithful Chucky on Sunday. We went for a ride around his big paddock and I felt like I was home again and am really hoping I pull up alright so we can start incorporating regular rides into my routine again!

Normally I am the first person to handle Solo and then my fiancé (Jim) will come over to interact with him. On Sunday though, Jim went into the paddock before me and Solo was a little stand offish and moved away a couple of times when Jim put his hand out to touch him. I let them be for a few minutes to see what Solo would do before getting involved. When I did get involved, having the basics well established meant I didn’t have to get a halter on him or even near him and it took no time at all for Solo to be comfortable with Jim in his space and touching him.

Hopefully I have good news about riding in next weeks updated!


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