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Tani and Solo - Week 5

This week we made some great progress, after having to go back a couple of steps.

Solo took off in fright a couple of times when I had him out of the paddock, and got away from me because he just turned his front end away and just barged forward into the halter. I’m obviously not as strong as him so will never be able to stop him when he barges like that. Instead of fighting with him, I went back and consolidated his lateral flexion on both sides. I didn’t take him out of the paddock for the first few days of the week as I had to work more on being able to be on his off side before I was able to teach him lateral flexion on that side.

I’m happy to say the next time I had him out of the paddock and he tried to get away from me, when he hit the pressure on the halter, he flexed back to me with almost no effort on my part!

We started working on float loading and he is such a champ, after just a few repetitions, he will load with minimal hesitation and will stand inside unrestrained for as long as I leave him there which is better than some of my domestic horses were when I first got them!

As was the plan for this week, I focused on desensitising him to having different things touching him and on Sunday I was able to put a saddle blanket and surcingle on him with almost zero reaction. He was watching what I was doing and turned to have a sniff, but then relaxed and it was as though he’d worn it all before!

The aim for the coming week is to desensitizing him to more active movement, both my own and of objects, so that I can back him knowing he will have much the same reaction to me on top of him as he did to having a saddle blanket and surcingle put on. Once I have backed him, I will saddle him and start taking him off the property to expose him to different environments.


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