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This week we have work on introducing new objects, the tarp, pool noodles, wheelie bin, and umbrella. Most of them Cherry just had a look and after a few mins she was relaxed enough to nose around in the tarp looking for hay. The pool noodles were a bit scary but not for long, she was walking carefully but calmly through them after a short time spent watching the other horses, the umbrella was quite scary but I got our little pony Tug out and he went straight to the umbrella to find left over hay, Cherry quickly lost her fear and pushed Tug out to eat.

Earlier in the week we had our first ride together, we went over all the steps to make sure Cherry would be ok first, jumping up and down, stirrups bumping her belly, check we have a soft halt, back, and left and right turn to halt. I hopped on and off a few times, then sat, and then asked for a left and right bend, hind quarter yield, and then a circle each way. She didn’t put a foot wrong.

We repeated this the next day and walked around the float and shed and did a trot on each rein.

I’m trying to keep the rides very short for now as Cherry still has some lumps/bites on her girth that are going down slowly, the girth doesn’t touch them just riding slowly but I’m not sure if it would move at a faster speed.

On Wednesday we had Matilda and Jackie De Haan out with VBA Taffy from the youth Section of the challenge. We had a great play with the obstacles and then Jackie caught Cherry and Matilda saddled her up and we went over all the pre ride steps again to make sure Cherry was ok with a new person, she was a bit unsure at first and we had to go over each part with me doing it first and Matilda following. Matilda hopped on after and I led her around, Cherry took a little while to switch from taking the cues from me on the ground to Matilda in the saddle but she got it after a few goes and we had a relaxed walk around. 

Cherry’s biggest worries are still her fear on new people and vehicles. This has held me back from taking her for her first outing as I just don’t feel that she is quite ready. I want it to be a really positive and relaxed thing for her to do so we will wait until she is ready. 

Big thank you to Matilda, Jackie, and Taffy for your help this week!

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Thank you to the wonderful Rachel from Remedial Soulutions for her sponsorship! 

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