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Tanya French

From Yarra Junction, Victoria: Semi-Professional Trainer

Tanya has been around horses all her life. Growing up in traditional circles, she had a change of direction 10 years ago that led her to her current career as a Hoof Care Practitioner, and down a different lifestyle/training path with horses. She is studying as an equine behaviourist specialising in positive reinforcement training. We give the horse the choice to participate and break behaviours down into easily achievable criteria, so training is ethical, fun, and simple. We place a big focus on making sure the horse is genuinely ok with what we are asking of them, always keeping in mind that they are a sentient being with feelings akin to ours. 
Tanya competed in the 2014 and 2016 Australian Brumby Challenges in the yearling section. 

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VBA cherry

VBA Cherry is an approximately 14.2hh chestnut mare from Bago State Forest in New South Wales. She was caught as a seven year old in 2017. Cherry was caught with several members of her family group, including VBA Feathers, who you will also see in the McDowells Herbal Australian Brumby Challenge and VBA Jill and VBA Camira, both of whose foals, VBA Bago and VBA Avena are in the Youth section of the McDowells Herbal Australian Brumby Challenge. Cherry was not in foal when she was captured, which is unusual for Brumby mares!

VBA Cherry's trainer in the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge is Tanya French