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Tanya and Khancoban - Week 10

Day 65: Coby met my big boy Luke, he looks so tiny next to him! He stood on the small pedestal with all 4 feet! And we worked on leading position, passing the halter me and putting it on, and transferring the behaviours to Ivy. He's also ate a banana peel today first time he's been brave enough to try something other than chaff.

Day 66: Today Michelle came over for Coby's photo session, we went for big walk with Stacey and Tug, and got all the way to the start of the forest!

We met cars, trucks, bikes, horses, and people. Coby was a little excitable again due to his lack of a big paddock at the moment, but he coped so well with it all. His ever patient friend Tug helped keep him grounded. To see the photos please head to


Thank you Michelle and Stacey!!!

Day 67: we did some fine tuning of behaviours Coby has already learned. Then while I was cleaning the yards he climbed on the stump and fell asleep ❤ he was rocking back and forward trying to stay balanced while being very sleepy and out of it.

Day 68: we did the same things as the day before, when I was collecting the hay nets to fill them up Coby was hanging around to help, so I threw them over his back and he carried them to the shed for me. We haven't trained this at all besides the one little session with the rug, he's so quiet!

Day 69: We went for our first solo walk! Just around the property but we right out of sight of the other horses, up to the house, and then to the front gate to open it for Sally and he was perfect! No excitables either, maybe he just saves them for when we're out haha

Day 70: We didn't do anything besides have cuddles, he likes to come up and touch his nose to my face when I come into the yard. Such a sweetie

Next week I'm hoping to get him out for more walks again, we're hoping to float the ponies out somewhere, fingers crossed the fence will be finished next week and the ponies will be able to go back in the big paddock. I want to give him another trim too.

Thank you to Coby's sponsors!!!

Rachel from Remedial Soulutions

Carol Layton - Balanced Equine



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