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Tanya and Khancoban - Week 11

Day 71 was a day off

Day 72 we practiced some bits and pieces for our freestyle. We're attempting something a bit unusual that I haven't trained before, it's a lot of fun!

Day 73 we went for his second solo walk, he did really well and this time we walked around the slightly scarier side of the house, he had no issues at all even with Tug and Nichol calling him (they do love him even though he's a slightly pesky baby when they're trying to sleep/eat/concentrate on dinner buckets arriving).

He was lovely and calm when I had a long phone call while we were walking around too, he just grazed around me quietly.

This afternoon he had a little treatment with his wonderful sponsor Rachel from Remedial Soulutions. Rachel said he was completely unfazed by me being on the roof of the shed cleaning out the gutters while she was inside the shed giving him his treatment haha! What a good baby.

Tonight we started learning hip targeting too. This is useful for so many things, asking him to move position in the float/truck, getting through gates, lining up at the mounting block for when he's older, and asking for quarters in when he's older, and so much more.

To train it I position my body in a spot that will encourage him to move toward me, hold my hand out so he will bump it with his hip when he moves, click and reinforce with a food treat. Then as he starts to understand what I'm asking for I just stand next to him with my hand out and wait for him to bump my hand with his hip.

By the end of a 5 minute session he was getting it every time :)

Day 74 and 75 we went over all his previous behaviours, lifting legs, backing, targeting, and did lots of work on changing sides and standing calmly next to me on the off side which I have unintentionally neglected.

Day 76: This morning wonderful Michelle came out to do Coby's weekly photos, she got some fantastic ones of him not caring about the digger digging right next to us!

We played on the obstacle course, picked up cones, he balanced the cone on his head (practicing his "still cue"), we practiced "go around things", and did his first session on hip targeting on his off side (got it in about 5mins).

Thank you Michelle!! As always you've captured some beautiful moments.

For the photos please head to Michelle's page https://www.facebook.com/Michelle-Knoll-Photography-133375650336855/

This afternoon we floated Coby and Tug to the Yarra Junction oval in the middle of town. We walked around the far side of the oval watching all the traffic, school kids, dogs, bikes, and footballs being kicked. He was fantastic!! He had one little jump when a small child snuck up on him riding a bike but after that didn't worry at all about it. We went down to the beautiful little bend in the river and grazed for a while, before coming back to practice doing learned behaviours in a new place, picking up feet, backing, leading position, halting/standing, targeting with his nose and hips, and standing on logs. He also very gently asked a child to touch his nose, he really understands people are safe now :)

 Day 77 day off

 I'm so proud of how well he's going! He's just so intelligent and learns so qu

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