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Tanya and Khancoban - Week 12

Day 77 & 78 were days off

Day 79 & 80 we worked on fine tuning behaviours. Walk with me, back, hind quarters to me and away from me, turns, send (going around the barrel following my hand as a target), standing quietly, picking up feet.

I always add in at the start and end (and in between if needed) of the session, stand facing forward and calm food taking. This gets him really calm and soft with taking the food reinforcement.

Day 81 Matilda helped me by playing with Tug and Nichol in the obstacle course as a distraction, while I was working with Coby. He didn't care at all and was very focused. After Matilda practiced his "putting on the halter" behaviour, the first time someone else has done this with him, he was so good and offered it immediately.

Such a calm attentive little man!

Thank you Matilda and Jackie!!!

Day 82 we worked on some of our freestyle behaviours. And I gave him a light trim, he didn't really need one but it's so much easier when he's a baby for him not to have to hold his leg up for too long. I'm also correcting some medial/lateral imbalance in his hinds, so much better to have trims every 2-3weeks.

I've been getting some lovely cuddles when he's laying down asleep at night too, I try not to disturb him but he's too adorable to resist ❤️

Day 83

Michelle came over for Coby's weekly photo session, we were very lucky with the weather!!

We played on the driveway where it's the least wet. Walking and trotting while targeting my hand to ask for a lower head position, sending around the tree and wheelie bin, walking the bin back to the house, and we had a play with the towel, I held it out like I do with the halter and he put his head in it.

Thank you Michelle!!!


Day 84 day off

We had a really good week this week, we officially announced our new sponsor Rebel Headdress!!! I had some real AH moments with the behaviours I'm teaching him for the freestyle. I also realised how close Equitana is and how much we still need to work on! Solo floating and solo trips out to places with lots of horses, more work with traffic moving close to him, more on working in an arena with other horses and without, loud noises, clapping etc.

So that will be my big goal for the next few weeks, my goals for next week are to keep working on the freestyle, I'd like to worm him again, and give him another trim, and possibly get the radio into the shed and play some clapping noises to him.

And a big thank you to Coby's sponsors!!!

Rachel from Remedial Soulutions

Carol Layton - Balanced Equine




Rebel Headdress


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