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Tanya and Khancoban - Week 13

Day 85 we had to go to clean up Sally's house to get it ready to sell so we thought we'd take the boys with us to mow the grass and to get Coby out.

He was a little unsettled when we shut the tail gate on the float but by the time be got home he was practically asleep with his head resting on tug, big afternoon for a baby!

He ate lots of grass, talked to my mum, met two lots of neighbours children and got pats over the fence, heard barking dogs, mowers, and chainsaws. Talked to the neighbours pony who Tug seemed to remember even though they haven't seen each other for 8 years.

We stopped at our mechanics place on the way home and he saw kangaroos, and we stopped at to get petrol and shopping, he was sleepy and relaxed. When we got home the brave boy followed Sally into the hay shed through the squeezy gap he's never been brave enough to try out and started scoffing the Lucerne 😊

86 and 87: We worked on all his behaviours he already knows. I like to go over things and refresh cues, sometimes I will realise I've made one cue very similar to another so I'll go back and change it a little so they are easily distinguishable for him.

My back up and hind quarter to me cues were very close. Back is hand up palm to Coby, and hind quarter to me was the same thing but at an angle. He was getting a bit confused so I made the hind quarter cue with a lower hand and stretched to the side of me. As soon as I changed it and we did a few repetitions he was confidently switching from one behaviour to the other.

Day 88: Coby had a quick treatment with his wonderful sponsor Rachel. He was very relaxed and started to really go with it, see the second photo where he's dropped his hip so she can work deeper. Thank you Rachel!!!

He also had a baby sitter swap, Nichol went into the big paddock with the other ponies and Nanny come into look after Coby. Here's the sequence of photos from their first touch, Coby is so attentive to her body language, he doesn't push things, and as soon as Nan realised he wasn't going to try to take her food she relaxed with him and they are already very comfortable with each other. Nanny has had several foals herself and baby sat Jindi at around the same age, so she has a lot of patience with youngsters. 

Day 89: Today we had lovely Michelle out for photos again. We went down the road to Wesburn park for a practice in the arena. The ponies got a bit unsettled by the bobcat just before we were about to load up, but they went on the float well and off we went.

There were some other horses there which was great for Coby to see, and for him to learn to concentrate with distractions.

We went for a walk around the arena first, then up the stairs, over the puddle, and then went to the round yard (only fenced area with a gate) to practice some off lead things.

It took him a little while to settle but he did really well and I was able to take the halter off and practice his Liberty behaviours, we usually do these at home in a big open paddock, none of it has been trained in a small area where he is confined so he knows he can leave if he wants to. Unfortunately wesburn a doesn't have a main gate and is next to a main road so we just have to settle with what we have for safety. The grounds are so lovely though! Amazing view and great arena!

After that we got to go and talk to one of the horses who was there, Coby nanged (snapped his teeth to show he's a baby) at her and she was lovely and gentle with him. We walked back down the stairs and though the arena to load them back up. Tug wasn't very keen today (too much grass without his muzzle last night I think) but Coby was happy to walk straight on.


Thank you again Michelle!!!

And thank you Sally for taking us up there on such short notice!!!


Day 90 and 91: Equitana is getting close now!!! Starting to get nervous about how much we still need to get done 😬

I worked both days so we only got quick  sessions in in the dark am and pm. We're working on a new (secret) behaviour, it's interesting to see him improve in confidence with it each time, and see how much more he offers each session too.

He's started to moult properly! Still not sure what colour he is under all that baby fuzz. He's loving scratches, he started mutually grooming my back tonight :)

He's been sleeping a lot too, I think a combination of growing and having Nanny in to baby him.  This morning he was sleeping when I came out to do breakfasts, went over for a cuddle, then went to go into the shed and he called me back for more 😍 almost melted.

We need to start practicing with more people around so if anyone want to come and meet him over the school holidays just send me a pm to work out a time. Kids more than welcome! The more noise and activity the better.

Big thank you's to Coby's sponsors!!!

Rachel from Remedial Soulutions

Carol Layton - Balanced Equine



Rebel Headdress - Custom Artisan Halters and Bridles


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