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Tanya and Khancoban - Week 14

Day 92, 93, 94: I had a big few days of work but got short sessions in am and pm everyday. I've been brushing him while he's eating his dinner, he's moulting so much now. We have bits of white peaking out under the armpit fluff and his dorsal stripe is still very clear.

Day 92 he was having a nap when I went out to feed them but woke up and asked for dinner, without bothering to get up. So we sat in the dark while he ate laying down and then he got up and we did a little training session.

Tonight he ate all his feed in one go! First time ever. He usually leaves the end of it and I feed it to him a few hours later.

Day 95 I started working on narrow bridges. This helps with balance, body awareness, floating, walking the plank to escape pirates etc.

We've also been going over our freestyle behaviours and fine tuning/working out what needs more work. He's going very well with it all, we're putting things together now rather than working on single behaviours.

96 day off

97 we had the wonderful Michelle out for photos.

Here was I thinking "what can we do different today" and Coby says, lay down and get scratched while looking completely adorable ❤️

He stayed there for about half an hour getting scratches and then we went and did some bending poles. We did them waking and got up a little trot. We practiced a narrower walk the plank. And he turned all the way around on the stump! only had one back hoof slip off once.

His body awareness is much improved and he's top line is improving. He's eating really well now and moulting so much!


Thank you Michelle!!!



Day 98 day off

Next week I'm going to start putting his freestyle together, working out music/timing etc.

I'd like to go for some more walks off the property, trim his feet again, and Friday is his birthday! so he'll have to have a party of course.

And big thank you's to Coby's sponsors!!!

Rachel from Remedial Soulutions

Carol Layton - Balanced Equine




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