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Tanya and Khancoban - Week 16

Day 105: training in the hay shed out of the wind and rain.

Hard for a young man to concentrate when he knows there is Lucerne hay in the corner (because he routinely breaks into the shed if I leave the gate open a teeny bit )

Practicing just standing around doing nothing, which will be a big hard part of being in a stable at EQUITANA for 4 days.

Day 106: More rain! And wind and hail and thunder and lightning!

So again we practiced doing nothing but eating in the shed. He was lovely and relaxed, dropped a back leg, sleepy chewing and sharing with Lucy.

Day 107: We trained in the shed again today, this time he stayed loosely tied with a hay net while I made feeds. He was really relaxed, the shed is the new "place to be" if you're a pony. Our second session of the day was with Matilda and Tug in the shed too, they worked on sit while we worked on don't worry about what the other pony is doing coz we have Lucerne.

Day 108: Coby had a treatment with the wonderful Rachel from Remedial Soulutions. I've started to notice huge improvements in his flexibility. He has been quite stiff, for a foal, throughout. We're finally starting to get some great changes. He had his longest treatment yet and had it inside the shed. This is all great training for EQUITANA, where he will need to stand around and relax.


Thank you Rachel!!!

Day 109: We had the lovely Michelle out for photos. We 'Did it in Dresses' again :)

We played with the tarp, first time with it not on the ground, and he couldn't have cared less! Even with the feral wind blowing a gale! I started adding cues for picking up different objects. We did a bit of sideways which I stopped because it needed some proper training as I haven't done any for a while, and he was getting over it. And we finished with a good scratch where he removed my hat.

Thank you Michelle!!!

Day 110: We did a session on leading position as a refresher. And worked on shoulders away to fix the sideways issues we were having yesterday. He did really well with this as soon as I was concentrating on what I actually wanted to click. (The horse is always right!).

He also had lots of sleep in the sun today, flaked out on the drive (the only non muddy spot). And had lots of chats over the fence with the other horses I had in the yard for the day.

And big thank you's to Coby's sponsors!!!

Rachel from Remedial Soulutions

Carol Layton - Balanced Equine




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