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Tanya and Khancoban - Week 19

Day something, I can't remember what we're up to!

We had Michelle over for photos this morning. Honey the mule is in with the ponies as she is slightly laminitic from breaking into my resting paddock. Coby thinks she's very interesting and keeps harassing the poor girl.

No training happened as Coby wanted to play with everyone, they all wanted to roll in the dirt, and it started to rain.

She got some gorgeous photos as usual!

I measured Coby for part of his freestyle outfit and height, approx 12.3hh.

This afternoon we went for a walk up the road a little way. All by himself and he was so good! No bouncing on the lead at all. He has a beautiful slow down on the lead, which involves me saying "slowly" and he slows down to match my speed. I'm not actually sure I trained it haha I think he just picked it up. He had a lovely time stuffing himself on grass and when we got back he was completely knocked out and slept flat out in the sun (decided to make an appearance once the camera was away) for around an hour.

Tonight after dinner we worked on our freestyle some more, went over moving the forehand, hinds, and sideways. He's getting more solid with this, it's hard going from one cue to another when they are a bit similar but he is getting quicker and quicker at it. His back is also really coming along now. He backs off the word "back" and is starting to get some duration to it too.

I love how well he can go from feral play to concentrating on training!

 Thank you Michelle!!!


The rest of the week has been spent making his behaviours more solid. So I ask for things he knows in new places, from different positions, and when he's a little unsure. This means if we get into a situation where he is frightened I can ask him for a behaviour he knows, like stand facing forward or back, sideways etc, to help get his mind back to a place where he feels safe, knowing what he needs to do to earn his treat.

He has a quite a bit of practice with being near moving cars with noisy trailers this week too. We've been getting in lots of loads of hay and Coby likes to help unload it. It's really helped with reinforcing cars being safe when they arrive with lunch on board.

I like to let the ponies do a lot of the training too. Quiet ponies are so underrated as trainers! Coby watches everything they do, how they react to things, and what things they ignore.

We were doing some brush cutting in the paddock next to the ponies this week and Coby didn't even bother to look up when it started, he glanced over after a bit to check for possible food but otherwise ignored it. Such a sensible boy.

In the mornings when I go around collecting hay nets to refill he follows me, so I've been putting the nets on his back to carry back to the shed. This is great training for rugging, saddling etc. the nets are very light so aren't too much weight for a baby.

Fingers crossed we will have our new truck next week and be able to get Coby out several times before EQUITANA!


Big thank you's to Coby's sponsors!!!

Rachel from Remedial Soulutions

Carol Layton - Balanced Equine



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