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Tanya and Khancoban - Week 20

This week the panic has set in! Only 2 weeks to go!

Friday we had Michelle around for photos and Rachel came to give Coby a treatment.

We worked on medical procedures, all things he's done before, but things I wanted to brush up on..

.Talking the worming paste tube voluntarily, then asking for a good hold between his teeth, and then asking for some duration of the behaviour.

.Targeting a syringe to his neck, to be used for giving vaccinations and if he ever needed any other injections.

.Bandaging, his head and we have done his legs previously.

.Placing his hoof on a block, used for taking X-rays if he ever needed them.

After that he had treatment with Rachel, he's just so comfortable with her now, he is done at liberty. She is able to do everything I can with him.

After his treatment he must have been feeling really good because he had a huge feral play with Tug!

He was lovely and sleepy in the afternoon and has been an angel the last 2 days.

We've been doing lots of work this week on fine tuning and proofing his behavious. I take him to different parts of the property and up the drive/road and ask for each behaviour. He's getting much better and keeping his focus on me and moving more smoothly between cues.

We've had some more desensitisation to cars practice, really happy with how he's going with this. Showing lots of curiosity and no fear.

We still don't have our truck so we did some fence removal and branch trimming, and managed to get the float out past the tree blocking the drive. We went up to the local pony club grounds and worked on our freestyle, all the behavious we will need for the patten class and went for a walk off out of sight of Tug (first time and he was sooo good!). He was a little distracted at first, just wanting to watch the cricket going on next door, but after about ten minutes his focus was back and he did really well. His reaction to things he's not sure about is to stand and look, look at me for food, and then seek grass! Love it!

For our last week I'm hoping to get him out somewhere nice and busy with lots of horses. We're hoping the new truck will be here to practice with too. He's going on the float really well but I'll go over that a few times too just to make sure it's solid.

Thank you Michelle!!!


Big thank you's to Coby's sponsors!!!

Rachel from Remedial Soulutions

Carol Layton - Balanced Equine



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