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Tanya and Khancoban - Week 21

Our Last week of the ABC!

This week has been a lot of highs and lows, thinking 'yay we've got this' then 'we're going to horribly embarrass ourselves' panic about EQUITANA 😜 we've done lots of fine tuning everything Coby needs to learn for the finals, and learned a few last minute behaviours we didn't know we needed to know!

We've done lots of practice away from the other horses, going for walks, loading on the float and on the new truck which is a whole new deal as it has an electric winch that is quite loud.


Friday we had Michelle over for photos. She took photos of his first time on the new truck, which he was unsure about, but he went on well stood to eat with Tug. He was quite excitable today, full of beans and wanting to play.

He also had his first bath (not keen on baths!), but by the end I had him standing eating out of a bucket while I sponged him off. We really need to work on this more though.


Saturday we went for a outing to the TTT dressage. It was really windy and a bit wet too.

Coby was much better than I expected having the electric winch on the ramp go up for the first time, I stayed in with him and Tug while it went up, feeding lots of treats, he looked concerned when the winch started at first but then calmed down and ate.

When we arrived he was a bit excited, looking at everything and not wanting to be still, so we found a nice patch of grass where he could see everything but we weren't too close, and let him eat until he was starting to come to me to ask for treats.

After that we walked a bit closer to the arenas, he had horses walking, trotting, and cantering by him. Cars and floats past no worries. We got circled by a lovely Friesian who Coby wanted to talk to ( he still finds it hard to work out why he can't talk to all the horses nose to nose).

Lastly we walked down between all the yards in the parking area. He was really listening well by then, so I got out the target stick (only used as a target for him to touch his nose to, to ask for lower head position), and we practiced sideways, hind and fores over, back, stay, stretch, trot in hand touching the target. He was super!


What a fantastic journey this has been! Coby is sensational, I can't wait to watch him mature as he grows into an even more stunning big boy.

This time round I have really tried to stick to pure positive reinforcement in my training. It's harder in that you have to think out new ways to train things, but the end results I think are more solid and you get such honest feedback of what your horse thinks of the training. Because how they feel about it really is one of the most important things.

I've taken on some completely new training goals that are way outside anything I've done before (hopefully we can pull them off on the day!). Coby has completely exceeded my expectations, and the dream I had for our freestyle while we where driving home with the tiny scared fuzz ball baby.

At home he performs it all flawlessly, I hand over the "leadership" to him, and he looks after me.

Coby and Tanya

Thank you Michelle!!!


Big thank you's to Coby's sponsors!!!

Rachel from Remedial Soulutions

Carol Layton - Balanced Equine




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