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Tanya and Hawk - Week 3

This week my goals were to get Coby out for some more walks, trim his front feet, consolidate all the behaviours he's learned so far, and to move him to a bigger paddock.

Day 15:  We had a day off today.

Day 16: We practiced picking up feet some more. Leading position at Liberty. I was marking him when he walks, trots, halts, and turns with his shoulder next to me and at a reasonable distance from me. 

We went for a walk out of the yard with Tug again. Working on coming off the grass by reinforcing every time he came to me. He met two of our other horses but was far more interested in food!

Day 17: Day Off

Day 18: First trim! We did a short foot picking up session this morning. This afternoon I trimmed his front feet, only trimming off the length with the nippers for the first go, but the breakover is much better now. He had his frogs sprayed with Apple cider vinegar too.

At first he started stepping back to look at me each time I nipped a bit off, and then after I just stood and waited for him to come forward again it clicked! And he stood beautifully :) I find given a bit of thinking time, most horses work out what will be reinforced and what won't.

All of this happens at liberty with him loose in the yard so he can walk away if it gets too much.

We also had the amazing Rachel from Remedial Soulutions out for his second treatment! He was a lot more confident this time and after a little time spent deciding if she was safe, he let her touch most of the way down his back and play with some acupressure points.

Thank you Rachel!!!

Day 19: This morning we had some lovely visitors out to meet Coby. He is starting to get the hang of this patting thing now :)

This afternoon we went for our first walk out of the yard where I didn't have a helper. He went so well until the scary cows came over and started mooing at us, and at the same time the neighbour came and started to yell over the fence asking questions about Coby. He did go over threshold and I would have liked to have set the situation up for him better (cows haven't bothered with coming up to the fence like that before:/ ), but luckily having Tug there and a handful of his favourite lucerne hay, we got him back down and walked past the cows much more calmly and finished on a good note with some grazing in a non scary place. He didn't mind the chickens at least haha

Day 20: The lovely Michelle came out for Coby's weekly photo session today. She got some fantastic photos of his first trim with a rasp and his 4th? walk out of the paddock. I was so pleased with how he went today. I set things up better for him and I think even though yesterday didn't go as well as I would have liked, he got through it safely and gained confidence from it.

He's getting more confident with her and the camera now too!

If you'd like to see the photos please have a look at her Facebook page and give it a 'like'.


Thank you Michelle!!!

 Day 21: I was out working all day today so we just did a short session tonight in the dark on picking up his hind feet. He went really well! I think concentrating on his fronts for a few days gave him more understanding about what I was asking with the hinds. He was calm, steady, and thoughtful and had no food anxiety.

Really happy with how it went!

He kept calling me back when I left :( I've been trying to leave him with food to stop him getting worried about me leaving, but he wants the interaction and the game more than the easy food!

My goals for next week are to get him in a bigger paddock again, he's been out grazing every day this week but he needs more space, trim his hind feet, go for more walks and do some work on making the cows not scary, and start working on a few body movements (turn hind quarters, fore feet, backing etc).

 If you'd like to see more photos and video of Coby please come and have a look at his facebook page www.facebook.com/tanyafrenchabc

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