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Tanya and Hawk - Week 5

Day 30: Today My Jindi monster (VBA Jindabyne) escaped from her paddock so I took the opportunity to bring her and Honey the mule up to the shed to trim their feet. Coby was quite interested in them. Honey didn't like him at all and kept trying to bite him through the fence. Coby was cautiously curious, he has such passive and thoughtful body language around the other horses and a horse with super long ears!

He had his third treatment with the wonderful Rachel from Remedial Soulutions.

He was so relaxed with her this time and allowed her to stand behind him and massage his hind end. She was able to do a lot more on him this treatment, and he was very comfortable for her to touch all over his body while he was free to leave if he needed to. 

Thank you Rachel!!!

Tonight we did a short session on moving hind quarters too, it went very smoothly.

Day 31: This morning the boys went out for an hour of grass by themselves. I can't have Tug out on the grass for too long or he might explode!

Then this afternoon we had a play in the yard just going over a few of the things Coby has learned so far. Then we went for his first walk by himself, and first walk in the big paddock. He was so good and calm! We got right up the end and into the flooded section of the paddock before we came back. Hunter came over to say hello over the fence. He got a little excited when we were almost back to the gate as Hunter decided it would be a good time to run back to the gate too. But he only did a few little excited jumps and then I convinced him the grass was more important :)

Once we got back he had another free grazing session in the garden.

Day 32: This afternoon we had Matilda over. She helped me with getting Coby used to new people by going over some behaviours he knows and some he is learning, and just hanging around with him.

He hung out in the garden for the morning and afternoon with Nichol, Tug, and Lucy the goat :)

Day 33: This morning we worked on putting moving his hind end and front end on cue. Decided on the cues I wanted to use, back of my hand on his neck for front end to move away, and one finger on his hip for hind end. Then I used my cue and captured the response I was after with a click and treat. He did really well, to see the video head over to Coby's facebook page www.facebook.com/tanyafrenchabc

This afternoon a cow broke into our paddock from the neighbours property. We took the opportunity to help Coby get past his fear of cows. I led Tug and Coby followed loose, we just walked and trotted after the cow as she walked along the fence. At first Coby was curious, then she turned towards him and mooed at him and he ran away. After a minute he came back and we kept following her along the fence line. He got braver and braver being reinforced with Lucerne when he came near her. After that we went from a walk up to the front gate and the herd of cows that scared him a few weeks ago were there. He walked up to the fence by himself very brave and curious! I gave him lots of Lucerne reinforcement and then we went back to the yards for dinner.

Day 34: This morning we had wonderful Michelle out for Coby's weekly photo session. We were very lucky with the weather! We played around in the yard with all the things we have been working on this week.  To see them please head to and like her page!


Thank you Michelle!!!

Day 35-36: Days off

So this week I got all the things done I wanted to except for trimming his hind feet. They really aren't bad at all which is why I haven't made them a priority. I will aim to get them done in week 6 again though.

For week 6 I'm going to be tidying up a lot of behaviours he has learnt so far, and we are going to do lots of work learning to go on the horse truck as we finally have ours back at home!

Next Sunday we are planning to go to a local show to just walk around and get used to the atmosphere. Fingers crossed all goes to plan!


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