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Tanya and Hawk - Week 6

Day 37: This morning we had a fantastic session on picking up the cone, nothing amazing to watch but we both had some huge realisations about what we both wanted and were trying to get :)

Then this afternoon we did our first truck loading session. We have prepared for this by learning to step on things and walking through the shed. It was blowing a gale and he did so well!!! I had no expectations other than asking him to put one front hoof on the ramp at a time.

I was thinking we would work on this slowly over the week but he just walked on after Tug and I!!

We went on and off 4 times and spent some time on there just eating hay, and then went in for dinner.

Day 38: This morning we went on the truck again and then then Coby and the boys went out to eat in the garden for the day. This afternoon we went for our first walk off the property. He was really good and understands very well now if he gets scared of anything he can just come and stand next to me and be reinforced. Or if it's something he can touch he will approach it knowing his bravery will be reinforced.

Positive reinforcement aims to build the horses confidence in themselves rather then them relying on us to take care of things all the time. The scarier a thing is, the higher the payment/reinforcement. They start to seek out new things that would have previously frightened them because they now associate them with an appetitive (food reward).

The horses become confident, thoughtful, problem solvers, who are so much fun to work with 😊

Day 39: This morning we played wear the rug in the shelter because it was pouring outside! He won't be wearing a rug but just so he knows how to if he ever needed it.

Then this afternoon Matilda and Jackie came out, Coby was very happy to see them and whinnied when Matilda walked up to greet him. It was very cute!

He had head pats and neck pats, which is a first. We practiced having Tug trot past us while Coby watched and Jackie drove the car down the drive while Matilda and I followed with the ponies to start getting him confident with cars.  

Then tonight when I was going to close the truck Coby followed me in by himself! Very bravely and stood on there by himself for about 10 minutes with Tug and Nichol watching jealously from below.

Day 40: This morning I had a really nice little session with Coby working fine tuning on picking up feet and picking up the cone with his mouth. This afternoon I brought Barnsey in to eat his Lucerne and Coby came to help by climbing on the truck ramp and trying to steal it. After Barnsey went back out I opened the truck and walked back to the house, turned around to hear little Coby hoof beats walking into the truck by himself.

He also had another treatment with his wonderful sponsor Rachel from Remedial Soulutions! And had his first acupuncture treatment, he was completely unfazed!

He tends to hold his tail to one side and has a quite tight area in his back on the same side he holds his tail, so he had needles in to help unblock the channels through that area.

He had one tiny upset at the end when Lucy the goat tried to butt him! But recovered quickly and was happy to have Rachel behind him again right after.

Thank you Rachel!!!

Lastly he has a new friend in the yards for the night, Laddie. They spent a fair bit of time squealing and then eating together and then squealing some more.

Day 41: This morning we had Michelle over for Coby's photo session. We had great fun with some new activities! First we practiced loading onto the truck, then they were tied up in the truck for the first time with the gate closed so Coby will be well prepared for his first truck trip.

After the truck we had a play with Sally's trike, Coby was sooo good!! Except when he decided he'd better taste the tire. Lastly we tied up to the outside of the truck and the ponies got brushed, again in preparation for going to a new place.

Thank you again Michelle!!!

For all the photos from today head to https://www.facebook.com/Michelle-Knoll-Photography-133375650336855/

Day 42 day off

This week has been fantastic and very productive, I'm so happy with how Coby is going!Week 6 we are planning to go on his first trip off the property, I'm going to get to those back feet! And we will try and go for some more walks off the property, we have lots of rain forecast so we'll just have to see how we go. I also want to do some more fine tuning of leading and moving his body on cu

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