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Tanya and Khancoban - Week 7

Day 43

What a day!!!

We loaded the ponies up perfectly on the truck this morning and then It didn't want to start! We spend about half an hour trying to jump start it with the ponies aboard and then gave up, so we did a quick unpack of the packed float and loaded the ponies on. This was the first time Coby had been near the float and he went on beautifully! Just walked straight in after Tug. I was a bit unsure about traveling him in it when he's never traveled before but he was angelic.

We arrived at the Monbulk Pony Club Show just in time for the fancy dress, Tug was quickly dressed up and we were thrown in the deep end, Coby was allowed to go into the arena with Tug and about 15 other ponies dressed as big bad wolfs, zebras, clowns, and many more. He handled it amazingly!

After that we went for a little play in the water jump, had some lunch and then went and had a go on the handy mount course.

Huge thankyou's  to Michelle for the photos and all her help through the day!!

Sally for towing the float and spending the day playing ponies!!

Matilda and Jackie for their help!!

Rachel for the loan of the float!!

To see the photos please head to https://www.facebook.com/Michelle-Knoll-Photography-133375650336855/

Day 44 - day off

Day 45 - we mucked around in the garden, played with the things he already knows, went on the truck, talked to the chickens, and had a nice scratch/massage session. He had a few really good hoons today too!

Coby has very generously been sponsored by Balanced Equine - Carol Layton!!

She has provided him with a huge bag of her Hoof Rescue +Se

I use Carol's products for all my horses and have had fantastic long term results. They are shinny, their coats are rich, we have had no rain scald (the horses are all unrugged), their feet are looking fabulous even with all this mud and rain, it's simple to feed and it has cut my feed bill down hugely!!



Thank you Carol!!!

Day 46 This morning we did some secret brumby business.

Then the boys went into the garden to graze.

I went out to do some cleaning up around the yard, went into the shed and heard the little pitter patter of hooves on the truck ramp. He's decided he likes my Boadie puppy now, Bo licked him on the nose and Coby looked startled but went back for more.

Tonight Jackie and Matilda came out and we went for a walk down the road. We stood at a nice grassy spot and clicked for cars coming past, cows running up to the fence, and, people moving around behind bushes in their yards. Coby was super brave and only had one little startle when the neighbour came around the corner into their drive a bit fast and made loud noises on the wet road.

On the way back we tried to walk through the big puddle but Coby said why go through when you can be sensible and go around. Tug had no reservations and followed the food bag straight in!

Thank you both for your help!!!

Day 47 we did a short session in the morning and then had the afternoon off.

Day 48 we had the lovely Michelle over for Coby's photo session. And of course, as you do on a sunny winters day, you take your brumby kayaking ! He was completely unfazed and just followed me around as I scraped my way through the not quite deep enough flooded paddock.

After a while he got bored/cold feet? and wandered off to stand on the higher ground under the trees.

After we had a little wander around the yard and he had his first look at the hose. What a little angel he is!

For the photos please head over to Michelle's page for a look at her beautiful photography https://www.facebook.com/Michelle-Knoll-Photography-133375650336855/

Day 49 We didn't do any training today but..

He's been getting a bit of swelling in his hind legs, every cold night, and he tends to just sleep most of the night away on the concrete (it has rubber mats down too but doesn't seem to help) after he spends the day gorging himself on grass. So tonight I thought we'd try bandaging his hind legs to see if it helps, I don't like leaving stuff on them but we'll see how it goes.

Anyhow, I went out, torch between my teeth to bandage his back legs for the first time. Squatting down in the dark while he munched, loose, on a pile of Lucerne, I bandaged his ickle baby legs for the first time and he didn't even move. So quiet and relaxed ❤️

So this week we got a lot of firsts in and he handled it all so well! I can see we need to do a lot more work with cars going past him so he's super confident with it. I also need to work on people and things popping up from behind as that's something he's still not comfortable with.

I still didn't get those back feet trimmed! Week 8 it will happen, I'm writing it into to my diary!

I can't believe how well he is going and how well he copes with all these new things. He takes everything in his stride. I think doing the first challenge with Jindi gave me a lot of insight I to what Coby would need to know for this one, I have been able to plan for each new behaviour he needs to learn and have some idea of the things that will worry him and when we should start work on them.

This week I've noticed a change in his body too, he's grown! All the weight he'd put on has gone into making his legs longer! His body is starting to soften and I'm trying to add in some gentle stretches for the tight area in his back. I think it's starting to make a difference to his top line.

Thank you Michelle!!!

And thank you to Coby's sponsors!!!

Rachel from Remedial Soulutions

Carol Layton - Balanced Equine



To see more photos please head to Coby facebook page www.facebook.com/tanyafrenchabc

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