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Tanya and Khancoban - Week 8

Day 50: This morning we nipped out for half an hour to the Upper Yarra Winter Woollies Show, before we had to rush off to work. Coby and Tug loaded beautifully and we had a great relaxed morning. He had one little startle at a car that came up behind him unexpectedly, but otherwise he was amazing! He got better and better with the cars each time one went past.

He was very sweet nickering at every horse that came past, it would be very hard for him to understand that he can't go and introduce himself to them all. He also nickered at a huge Great Dane! She and Tug sniffed noses and they were almost the same size.

We had parked well away from the other cars and floats so he would have and easy time going back in the float (thank you again Rachel for leaving it here!!!). And wouldn't you know, just as we went to go and load them on to go home, about a dozen dirt bikes turned up! They were roaring away (not moving at that point) right behind the float where we had to walk to go on, I was staring to panic about how we'd have to move the float to get them on and then Coby would stress and i'd be really late for work. Coby stopped,  looked for a second, I clicked him, he walked forward, turning his back on the noisy motor bikes and walked straight on the float calm as could be and started eating from his hay net!!!

Day 51: We did a a bit of leading practice at liberty. Just clicking for his shoulder being next to me and head straight at a walk, halt, and turning. 

Then we had a big scratch/brushing session where he nearly melted. He's starting to moult so quite loving scratches at the moment.

Day 52: Coby had another treatment with his  wonderful sponsor Rachel from Remedial Soulutions! We're still working on releasing the tight area in his back and tail, it's improving! He also had a needle in his forehead to help him move past the trauma of weaning and gelding, and moxa on the needle points in his back and legs. The moxa helps draw out damp, as he's been standing on the concrete and getting cold swollen legs. After he had a big bum scratchy session. The weather was absolutely feral but we had a beautiful sky for it!

Thank you Rachel!!!

Day 53: This morning we had a little play with leading position again, just clicking for him having his next to me at walk, halt and turn. We had a little play with the tarp again. Because it was in a different place and it was very windy he had a seconds pause to think before he walked up to it, after that he couldn't have cared less.

This afternoon we started refining his hoof picking up for trimming, adding in longer holds and bringing his legs forward for dressing his hooves. He also had his back legs bandaged (it's definitely making a difference), and a big brushing session. He was so lovely and relaxed! I'd say his treatment with Rachel yesterday had a big effect!

Day 54: This morning I trimmed all Coby's feet, this was his third trim on his front feet and first on his hinds. I just put a bucket in front of him and stood beautifully only moving occasionally when he needed to readjust his balance. Over all we have done a lot of work getting him prepared to have his feet done, and any movement we do get is down to my not putting his foot down quickly enough.

This afternoon I set up some more obstacles for him. A tractor tire to stand in, a large block of wood with carpet on top to stand on, and pool noodles to walk through. He was very keen to try the new things, he showed no signs of uncertainty about them and just wanted to figure them out.

We're having a lot of fun with this and he's offering more creative behaviours. It's lovely to see his thought process as he works out how to get the next click. He's really understanding the game now.

Day 55: This morning we had lovely Michelle over for Coby's photo session. We had a play on the new obstacle course. He got all 4 feet on the pedestal, 4 feet in the tire, went through the pool noodles, over the tarp, on the truck ramp, and had a go at picking up Michelle's big orange ball.

After that Jindi (VBA Jindabyne) my Brumby from the 2014 challenge came out for a play. She was a little unsure at first as she hasn't been out of the paddock for a while, but as soon as she realised we were playing games she was very keen. She's looking so grown up!

They are both just as smart as each other and are very similar to train ❤️

Thank you Michelle!!!


Day 56: Day off

This week I finally got his hind feet trimmed! His front feet had grown a lot too even though I trimmed them the week before, so they got done too.

We got a lot of things happening with his balance, standing on and in things. This was a big learning curve for him, and he got a lot more confident to try things once he worked out how to get his back feet on the stump.

We had his second outing which went so well, I was so impressed with him.

And he had a fantastic treatment with Rachel that had a big effect on him.

Next week we will be having some of our fences done (fingers crossed the weather holds up), and so we'll be able to work on being around more vehicles, like the bobcat and trucks. It will be perfect as we can do it from the safety of home. I would love to get him out walking and possibly take him down the Warburton trail but to do that we need to do a lot more work with cars and bikes.

So also on the cards for next week is more walks down the road to graze while the cars pass. 

And thank you to Coby's sponsors!!!

Rachel from Remedial Soulutions

Carol Layton - Balanced Equine



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