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This week was my first week with Dynamo and to say I am impressed is a major understatement. I really enjoyed travelling to Victoria for the trainer induction day as I learnt so much more about brumbies and the work which the Victorian Brumby Association does to protect these beautiful horses. I was super excited about meeting the brumby which I had been allocated. 

When I first saw Dynamo I was so excited but the fact that I was doing the Australian Brumby Challenge really sunk in. I am so thankful for the opportunity to compete in the challenge and to work with Dynamo. VBA Dynamo is a little bay filly whose mother was passively trapped from Mount Kosciusko. Dynamo travelled extremely well from Victoria and arrived safe and sound in South Australia. I found that due to the weather and how early it is getting dark that it was difficult for me to find a time to work with her after school but luckily it is school holidays next week. 

After arriving in SA, I left her for the night to relax and settle in and I was surprised in the morning to find how trusting she is. She bravely walked up to me to sniff my hand. She does watch me closely but it is more of a curious way. The next day she allowed me to touch her on her shoulder where I began to gently rub her. Very quickly she allowed me to touch her all over on both sides of her body where she learnt that I could give her a really nice scratch. This also allowed for me to check her over after the long trip from Glenlogie to the Adelaide Hills. After building up her trust over a few days she allowed me to gently slip on her halter. This was a huge achievement for me personally as I believe that having her halter on at this early stage will help me in the future to continue to develop her skills and knowledge about all things ‘domestic’. I seemed to be progressing faster than I expected so I decided to begin getting her used to running my hand down her legs and gently asking her to lift her feet. She picked this up fast and now I can ask her to pick up all four feet which she happily does. I did this by asking her to lift her  hoof and then I would release the pressure when she did what I asked her to do. After I did this about 3 times on each leg, she allowed me to lift each leg, hold it and then place it back on the ground while remain calm and standing still. I also managed to use my new Woah Steady Neddy haynet which I was given on the brumby pick up day. Dynamo got used to eating hay out of this haynet really quickly especially once she worked out that the haynet itself isn’t eatable. 

Next week I am wanting to work on teaching Dynamo to lead and begin getting her used to some obstacles so she has heaps of time to become familiar with these obstacles before EQUITANA. You can follow our journey on instagram by following vba_dynamo or on facebook by liking the page VBA Dynamo. I am looking forward to working more with Dynamo this week and I hope you will follow our journey through this challenge.