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This week I decided to put Dynamo in with my other ponies as I thought she could use the interaction with other horses.  Dynamo instantly got on very well with my ponies Meg and Puzzle.  She really enjoys Megs company and she shadows her around the paddock. Dynamo is enjoying the bigger paddock.

This week I felt I needed to extend my own horse training knowledge.  So I did a horse training lesson with a coach.  I worked on Dynamo in my lesson.  Dynamo responded extremely well to the techniques I learnt and now I can have her walk, trot and canter behind me as well as having her walk with me at any distance.  She is now stopping exactly where I ask her. Although Dynamo was able to be touched from day one and be led within the first week, I believe that what I have taught her this week was necessary in order for Dynamo to be a well developed young horse. You should be able to lead any horse from its shoulder or out in front and on either side as this allows ground skills to be easily applied to riding. Dynamo has also learnt how to send out which I did cover a few weeks ago however I decided to revisit it with a different approach. Through holding the rope like you would hold a rein when riding and through applying pressure where the leg would lie allows Dynamo to become use to cues that can be applied to when she is ridden. This is exactly like ‘opening the door’ like you would when you want a horse to turn and the leg allows for the horse to move out.

Next week, I would like to take Dynamo out of her paddock and cover these aspects before the holidays where I can spend two weeks working on costume ideas for EQUITANA. I am also wanting to take Dynamo out during those weeks. The farrier is also coming on Friday to trim Dynamo.

You can follow our journey on instagram by following vba_dynamo or on facebook by liking the page ‘Teagan van Gaans and VBA Dynamo’. If you want to know more about Dynamo, the Australian Brumby Challenge or want to know how you can get involved with Dynamos journey, please message me through one of these accounts.

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