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Join Teagan and VBA Dynamo on their journey !

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week 20

This week Dynamo and I have covered a whole range of things in preparation for her freestyle. As Dynamo has not been in the float in a while, I decided to open it up and take her in it a few times. She walked straight on and will also back off of the float which is extremely important if she is traveling in a straight load.

I have also been working on Dynamo’s lunging which she is beginning to get the hang of and is very confident with. I worked with Dynamo on her hindquarter disengage, backing up and flection as this are all aspects I am wanting to include in my freestyle. I also got a few poles out so we could practice trotting and walking over them and between them. I also used them a guide for backing her up as we need to work on our straightness! She is also very comfortable with all the weird and wacky equipment I have began introducing her to.

For a bit of fun I dressed Dynamo up in her onesie and she looked so cute! Dynamo will be up for sale at EQUITANA and I am sure she will make someone very happy. We look forwards to showing you our freestyle which is very colour themes and will showcases who Dynamo really is.

Next week I am wanting to work on getting Dynamo to legyield over a pole as well as introducing some more of the equipment that I will be using in my freestyle. We will also being to block out some of our routine.

We would like to thank all sponsors of the Australian Brumby Challenge. McDowells have been a huge help in providing natural supplements for all of the brumbies. I look forwards to EQUITANA to show my appreciation for all of the other sponsors.