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This week, Dynamo and I have covered a lot of different things! A few weeks ago in one of my updates I stated that I wanted to pony Dynamo off of another horse however I decided to make sure that Dynamo was 100% confident with me leading her on the ground in walk, trot and canter before I tried ponying her. This made it super easy for me to lead Dynamo of my other horse, Meg. Dynamo was able to walk, trot and canter while being led off of Meg within 15 minutes of the first training session. I decided to do another session off of Meg later in the week to consolidate what Dynamo had learnt. This has allowed me to further develop Dynamo’s trot and canter while being led without me running. It will also come in handy when Dynamo becomes a ridden horse as she may have a young child riding her, so she may need to be led off another horse.

I also practised loading Dynamo into the float this week beginning with just leading her on then off. I then decided to take Dynamo for another outing out to an oval however this one had a lot more atmosphere than the previous one Dynamo had been to. We practise our walk, trot and halt transitions where Dynamo must pay attention to me in order to know when to stop or slow down. This means that I don’t have to apply any pressure to Dynamo’s halter for her to stop or go faster. Dynamo had experience with dogs, people and cars. Dynamo and I also tried a few obstacles at the oval which included weaving between trees, trotting over some ditches and climbing some banks. You could see how happy and calm Dynamo was and how her attitude towards this experience would make her an excellent pony club horse.

I took Dynamo on a few walks around our property this week where I decided to work on getting Dynamo to extended and shorten her stride. She picked this up very quickly. I also decided to take Dynamo over a very small jump a few times in preparation which she happily trotted or cantered over.  She also had her first bath which unfortunately did not help her coat come out however she was very well behaved for her first wash. 

I have began to introduce Dynamo to some of the equipment that I will be using in my freestyle however this week I will need to come up with an action plan! I will also revisit leg yielding and ground tying which I taught Dynamo a few weeks ago.

I received some mail from the Dolly’s Dream foundation due to my fundraising efforts. I would again like to thank my school for getting involved with fundraising and supporting me through the Australian Brumby Challenge. With EQUITANA just around the corner, Dynamo and I would once again like to thank all sponsors of the Australian Brumby Challenge, your support has been incredible. 

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