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HAPPY BIRTHDAY VBA DYNAMO! This week Dynamo turned one!

One more week until EQUITANA and Dynamos preparations are well underway! This week mum finished sewing Dynamo’s costume and it looks amazing. I tried it on her and it looks so good.

On the weekend, I washed Dynamo again and she was much more comfortable with the hose. I also took her to the other side of our property to work on some obstacles including a small jump and weaving between cones. Dynamo is really calm and relaxed when coming in and out of the small jump and shows great technique. She really loves weaving in and out of the cones especially at canter even though I have to run very fast. She has really perfected her canter when being led now and I believe that ponying her off of Meg played a huge role in teaching Dynamo this new skill. She can now walk, trot and canter on the lead and she can vary her stride and speed within these paces. I have also spent time on going over everything that I have taught Dynamo however it is clear she has forgotten somethings however I taught her again by breaking it up into small pieces and she picked these up very quickly. I took Dynamo out onto the Amy Gillett bikeway where Dynamo got exposure to new people, cars, bikes and bridges. Dynamo was fine with all the cars driving past however she was slightly hesitant at walking over the bridge. She had a sniff of it and walked straight on. The bridge was loud when she walked on it and was a different colour to the bitumen. Next to the path was many different objects including signs, house and different animals however none of them phased Dynamo. There is a video of this on the facebook page ‘Teagan van Gaans and VBA Dynamo’ and on my Instagram @vba_dynamo. This week I have also been brushing Dynamo for around half an hour everyday to try and get some more of her coat out. She is looking better however she is still quite fluffy.

Next week I hope to take Dynamo out to a horse show as even though she has been out many times she has never really had that much exposure to events that have lots of horses cantering around. I am also wanting to put my freestyle together as we have practised all the individual parts of it however we haven’t practised it as one big performance. I will also work on going through with Dynamo everything that we have covered over the course of the 2018 Australian Brumby Challenge. Upon reflection, Dynamo has been perfect the past few weeks and we are really excited for EQUITANA.  

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