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Dynamo is gathering a bit of a fan club! This week, Dynamo has had many different visitors including family, friends and our wonderful horsey neighbours. Dynamo has loved the attention and the pats from everyone. The excitement about the Australian Brumby Challenge and EQUITANA has started to build up, with more and more people following all of the brumbies progress. I have enjoyed speaking to many people this week about the challenge and how little Dynamo is going – we love your support!

This week Dynamo has accomplished many different things. She has enjoyed going out for walks within our property, exploring the stream, dam crossing and hills. The weather has been hectic this week with strong winds and predicted rainfall in the Adelaide Hills, however, I am surprised that Dynamo remained calm and focused. I taught dynamo to lead in her yard by gently applying pressure to her halter and instantly releasing it when shifted her body weight towards the direction I wanted her to go. This then progressed onto her taking a step forward again releasing the pressure when she took a step. From here I decided to take dynamo for a walk outside of her yard as I thought her natural curiosity would allow her to want to be lead around with me still being there to guide her and reassure her. This worked and Dynamo enjoyed exploring around the property before returning to her yard.  She got to see the CFS and police clearing the road from an apple and pear truck spillage and wasn’t even fazed by the lights and commotion (she was probably hoping that one of the apples would roll into her yard!). Dynamo also enjoyed walking over poles, trotting beside me and a brush. I confidently walked Dynamo over the poles and she didn’t even hesitate, she just followed me over. At first she was slightly confused by the brush however once she has a sniff of it, she was fine. She enjoyed her first brush so much that she fell asleep. Even with all of these new experiences, I managed to also go over what we did last week including picking up her feet and getting her used to me taking her halter on and off.

I have been lucky enough to ride and own some amazing horses however I have never met a horse with a nature remotely similar to Dynamo’s. She has a very hard working nature as even if she doesn’t understand what I am asking her to do, she doesn’t freak out or “play up” instead she still tries to please me. She is very willing to do everything that I am asking her to do, I don’t believe in pushing horses to do what you ask however Dynamo shows a want to please people and to be handled. She follows me around when I clean out her yard and calls out to you when you walk past her yard. She is a horse that shows huge potential, even in only week two of training! Dynamo is very friendly and people orientated.

Next week I hope to continue to work on Dynamos leading and introduce some more obstacles that we will face at EQUITANA while of course keeping the learning at her pace. Get excited for EQUITANA, Dynamo and I have come up with a super cool and of course adorable aspect for our freestyle!!

You can follow our journey on instagram by following vba_dynamo or on facebook by liking the page ‘
Teagan van Gaans and VBA Dynamo’. If you want to know more about Dynamo, the Australian Brumby Challenge or want to know how you can get involved with Dynamos journey, please message me through one of these accounts.

Dynamo and I would also like to thank all sponsors of the Australian Brumby Challenge, your products have been great.

Until next week,

Teagan and Dynamo

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