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WEEK 20: Wow the final few weeks of the Australian Brumby Challenge! This week I have spent time running over everything that I have taught Dynamo over the past 150 days. I also took her out to the Welsh Show at Mount Pleasant. Dynamo was very calm and wanted to say hello to every horse that she met!    I am hoping to take Dynamo out again before EQUITANA.

Dynamo and I are extremely excited to be participating at EQUITANA this year! Dynamo will be up for sale at the end of EQUITANA so please make sure that you have registered to bid if you are wanting to purchase her. I would 100% keep Dynamo if I wasn’t going into year 12 next year and then 6 years of Uni! I also believe that Dynamo is far enough within her training that she is ready to be sold and that mentally and personality wise she is more than capable of living with new owners. I am going to miss Dynamo so much however I know that she will have a new loving home within the next week!

Looking back over the past 150 days, I am extremely proud of how much Dynamo has achieved and how much we have both learnt. The first few weeks were truly the most amazing as they were filled with many firsts. The fact that I was able to touch Dynamo on the first day and halter her with in the first week was amazing and highlights the amazing trusting personality that she has. The weeks in the middle of the Australian Brumby Challenge were more of a challenge for me however my persistence and patience paid off as the past weeks have been amazing and its easy to forget that Dynamo is only a baby and was wild 150 days ago! Not only will I miss Dynamo, but I know all of the people within SA that she has met will miss her so much to. She has certainly made a huge impact on the people around her. I say thank you to the wonderful Meg and Puzzle which have taught Dynamo many different things including being led off another horse and eating horse pellets. 

Unfortunately my persistence in brushing Dynamo may not pay off before EQUITANA as she is still very fluffy however this is just who she is and is one of the many reasons why I love this horse so much. Not only is this one of the reasons why I am so worried about EQUITANA, but also the thought of performing in front of so many people is so daunting. My nervousness is balanced with some excitement to see all of the other participants in the yearling category of the Australian Brumby Challenge and to see the amazing horses. All of the yearling trainers should be extremely proud of themselves for training not only a wild horse but one that is young and on top of school work. It goes to show that age doesn’t always equal level of knowledge or ability!

The Australian Brumby Challenge has also allowed me to make an impact on my school community through raising awareness about the impacts of bullying within my school community and also raising money through a bake sale for the Dolly’s Dream Foundation.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Victorian Brumby Association especially Colleen for the amazing opportunity which you have given me. I would also like to thank my family for your endless support and your amazing ideas. A thank you also goes out the public, friends and school community that have supported Dynamo and I through this experience. Finally a massive thank you to the beautiful horse I have been so blessed to train over the past 150 days. You have taught me so much and are honestly one of the best horses I have met. I look forward to seeing you thrive with your new owners and I hope that you make them as happy as you have made me! Goodbye and good luck VBA Dynamo! 

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