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This week I have taught Dynamo to be float trained in preparation for a small trip out this weekend. To my surprise Dynamo walked straight onto the float and was happy standing in it for as long as I wanted her to. However, she liked to turn around before coming off the float. My float is an angle load so this isn’t a big deal currently however dynamo will need to learn to back off of the float especially when she might be travelling in a straight load later in life. I plan to teach her to back up on the ground first before applying this to the float.

Dynamo and I have also been working on obstacles for EQUITANA. We worked more on the tarp which she is now very comfortable with. I also worked on getting her to stand up on a wooden box and got her to place just the front feet onto the box, all four feet and then just the back feet.

We have built upon everything we have learnt in the past few weeks including having her feet picked out and having her rug on and off. I have also been taking Dynamo out for a graze as it is relaxing for her and for me!

I find that Dynamo copies what I do, for example, if I confidently walk over an obstacle so will she.  When I introduce her to something new I always watch Dynamo’s reaction.  She is a very confident filly who looks to me for leadership. I give her an opportunity to try things out for herself. If she doesn’t feel comfortable or doesn’t know what I am asking her to do we work through it at her own pace. I can tell that dynamo and I do have a connection as she follows me around in her yard and whinnies to me whenever I am walking past.

This week I plan to teach Dynamo how to back up and to continue working and building upon what she has already learnt.  I will also be giving her a bit of a mental break by taking her for a few long walks.

Dynamo and I would like to thank McDowells for sponsoring the 2018 Australian Brumby Challenge. We were lucky enough to receive a package from them in the mail this week which included ‘Equigesta-pre’ which is a pre-biotic and ‘Perform-a-calm’ which is for performance anxiety. We look forward to trying out these products in the upcoming week!

Dynamo and I look forward to telling you about our outing on the weekend so if you want to find out more you can follow our journey on instagram by following vba_dynamo or on facebook by liking the page ‘Teagan van Gaans’ and VBA Dynamo.

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