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Join Teagan and VBA Dynamo on their journey !

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week 20

This week Dynamo and I have done a big run over everything we have already learnt. We began with the tarp which she is now very comfortable with. We also had a look at the bridge that my brother made, she use to only like stepping on this going one direction however now she steps on this from all directions. I have also gradually increased the time that I hold each of her feet up to prepare her for the farrier.

I decided to let Dynamo go in a paddock this week to work on our catching skills in a different environment that wasn’t her yard. She trotted around for a bit and said hello to the other horses over the fence. I decided to watch her from inside the house to make sure she was ok and to break her connection with me.  I walked into the paddock about 10 minutes later and she came walking up to me and I was able to put on her halter very easily. Even without the halter, she followed me around. This was a very big step for Dynamo and it really solidified our bond and allowed me to personally assess how my training is going.

I am extremely proud of Dynamo and how far she has come. This week has given me confidence in my training methods and philosophy. Next week I will begin getting Dynamo use to other obstacles.  I will also begin lunge training and farrier preparation. Dynamo and I would like to thank all sponsors.

Dynamo and I look forward to telling you about our outing on the weekend so if you want to find out more you can follow our journey on instagram by following vba_dynamo or on facebook by liking the page ‘Teagan van Gaans’ and VBA Dynamo.