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Wow this week has really gone fast. On the weekend it will mark 50 days since I have picked up Dynamo from Victoria meaning that we only have 100 days to go until EQUITANA! The excitement is really starting to build not only for the tRip to Melbourne to compete but also to have the opportunity to publicly show how amazing Dynamo is. I believe that training a horse well when they are young will let the horse have a long and successful life as people will respect and love them, this is the reason why I am not pushing Dynamo in any way and why I am developing such a strong bond with her so that she trusts humans.

This week I have wormed Dynamo as I realised that she really needed it. This will hopefully allow her to gain more condition in the lead up to EQUITANA. I have spent time just grooming Dynamo and hanging out with her. She really loves spending time with me and she really enjoys me brushing her. I have also worked on rugging her I as I noticed that she was still tense when I take the rug on or off. However, when it is completely on or off, she is fine.  I have also worked on this by gently placing it on her and rewarding her until she relaxes, I then repeated this.

I also worked on getting Dynamo to back up, by getting her to respond to the pressure of me gently pushing on her chest. She responded to this well and I am wanting to further develop this next week.
I also did some more float training with her however I did not take her out this week. I practised leading her on, closing the back, waiting a few minutes and then leading her off. She is extremely calm around the float and enjoys being in it more than her yard! She has only ever had positive experiences in the float meaning that she really enjoys going on and off of it.
Dynamo is now really enjoying her hard food which consists of both chaff and pellets. I have also included the McDowells supplements which were kindly given to us. I have noticed a big difference in Dynamo as her stomach seems more settled and she is more focused.

Next week I am wanting to work on just isolating the front two legs/back two legs and doing movements such as turns on the forehand/haunches. I will also continue to progress my work on backing up.
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