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week 20

This week Dynamo went for a walk to our neighbors property to meet their brumby.  Dynamo led well the whole way there.  The weather was bad but she was extremely well behaved considering that both her and I got hailed on. She sniffed noses with the other horse for a very long time and seemed to enjoy the company. The first thing that they noticed was how much she had grown! Dynamo is predicted to reach around 14.2hh, so she still has a lot more growing to do but she is currently growing quickly.

 This week Dynamo and I worked on remaining calm when I am rugging her. I decided to take off her heavy rug and work with her using a fleece rug that doesn’t make as much sound. She was much more comfortable with this and when I then went to rug her in her heavy rug she was calmer.

I also gave Dynamo a really big brush.  She really enjoys being brushed – I am hoping all of that fluff starts coming out within the next few weeks. I also took Dynamo out into one of our paddocks.  I held her lead as she grazed.  I loved spending this time with her as it allows as to bond, her to explore and me to switch off from my busy days at school.  We both can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Next week I will do more lateral work with Dynamo.  I am also wanting to focus more on some obstacles such as dragging things behind her which I did touch on back in week 4.

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