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Applications for trainers open on Wednesday the 28th of February until Wednesday the 28th of March. Application forms are located at the bottom of this page.

The Australian Brumby Challenge has two separate components:
          The Ridden Challenge,
where approved trainers are randomly assigned a mature Brumby. Brumbies will be mares or geldings, aged from approximately 4 – 10 years of age. This event aims for trainers to develop their allocated Brumby into a calm, well rounded saddle horse over 150 days. This event is open to Youth, Novice and Pro trainers.

          The Yearling Challenge, where trainers are randomly assigned a yearling aged Brumby. A strict requirement of this event is that Yearlings are not to be saddle started or sat on at any stage of their training. This is a youth only event, with trainers required to be aged 17 years or less at the commencement of the Challenge. Minimum age will be at the discretion of the Victorian Brumby Association committee.

The Brumbies who will be participating in the Australian Brumby Challenge will remain under the ownership of the Victorian Brumby Association for the entirety of the event, until they are either sold at a private (registered, approved bidders only) auction at the completion of the finals at Equitana, or purchased by their trainers.

Our Brumbies
for this years Australian Brumby Challenge come from the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. They have been passively trapped as part of an ongoing Park management program and would otherwise have faced likely slaughter. Mares have come back to our sanctuary to foal down in peace and spent a minimum of eight months turned out without a foal at foot to regain their vigour and strength. Stallions have been brought back to our sanctuary, gelded by our vets (through our race system) and turned out in a mixed age and sex group to learn to socialise as a gelding. Yearlings were all conceived in the wild in Kosciuszko and born here at our sanctuary, where they have grown up in wild, mixed age/ sex herds with their mothers. All Brumbies are completely unhandled, however have become accustomed to living in standard farm fenced paddocks, will drink from artificial water sources and have been treated for basic worms, microchipped and vaccinated. All colts and stallions are gelded.

Trainers will need to be available for a compulsory Trainer Induction day on Saturday the 5th of May, 2018.
This essential day will cover a great deal of information about the Australian Brumby Challenge and trainer commitments as well as Victorian Brumby Association commitments.

Trainer facilities
required are post and rail construction yards (portable yards/ roundyards are perfectly fine) of a minimum  fence height of 5’ for Yearlings and 6’ for Ridden aged Brumbies. Yards should have a surface that makes the suitable for the Brumby to live in entirely for a minimum period of four weeks (although many Brumbies are happily living out in the paddock well before this time!), keeping in mind that the Australian Brumby Challenge commences in winter.

Transporting Brumbies home
requires a fully enclosed vehicle  such as a stock crate trailer or truck with appropriate surface for horses (ie; bedded down with hay/ shavings) or horse truck. Such trailers can be fairly easily hired.

Please contact us through the Contact form here if you have any questions at all. 

2018 McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge Trainers