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Team Black Pearl Super Girls VBA Aspen wk 10 update

Aspen has cracked the code and figured out this people thing is actually a pretty good deal. She has bounded ahead in her training successfully passing her leading out of the yard tests, her letting multiple people handle her tasks, catching with and without a halter on, living in a paddock and all the random obstacles. This is a lovely inquiring young filly, she will be a lovely soft, kind ridden horse when she grows up.

It has been so wonderful working with Aspen and I am so sad it is nearly over. She has come so far since we first met her. She went frim bolting at the sight of us to allowing us to pat, brush, lead her and so much more.

She has been such a joy and is filled with so much love and surprises. Not only has she learnt a lot but all three of us super girls have learnt so much as well. Aspen has overcome so many challenges along to the way such as letting us close to her, brush her, lead her, kiss her and take her over cool objects such as, a bridge, taro and poles. Aspen is such a good filly she is always looking for attention and always giving so much, I will miss her so much.

Over the past few weeks Aspen has finally started to except that we are not going to hurt her and she is starting to enjoy and find comfort in us. She is starting to trust us to take her through difficult situations such as walking over a tarp and allowing us to put a roller on her. She is really coming along now. I am so proud of her. She's such an intelligent little mare, and I feel she is going to be a great active and forward moving horse with the potential to be an amazing eventer or teen pony club mount one day.

It's almost time to say goodbye to our pretty Aspen girl. Her progress over the last couple of weeks has been astounding. She's graduated to living in a big paddock and thoroughly enjoys the freedom. She's decided pampering is actually her thing and baths on hot days are so relaxing. She's been so calm accepting new things like a saddle pad and roller, boots, and new obstacles like a bridge. I'm excited for the brumby fest to show off her talents. She's going to be such a loyal goer of a horse!