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Team Black Pearl Super Girls VBA Aspen wk 2 update

Aspen is such a bright and clever young lady. We have had some teething adjustments with figuring out how to properly balance 4 sets of body language. I usually like to use pressure release to get close enough to offer positive reinforcement fairly quickly but with the slight adjustments between different people we were just a step behind.

With some figuring and fiddling I think we've finally cracked it.

We have set up a small yard off the main yard. Which allows us to give Aspen a clear and consistent boundary. We work from outside the small yard and when she shows any sign if relaxation we place a reward on a tray and place it inside the yard for her. She is very quickly getting the hang if this and feeling rapidly more confident in us.

Angela: Aspen has improved so much since we picked her up. Seeing as we are a group, she took a little while to warm up to all of  us, but she is finally starting to relax and become  more curious. We have had some great days and some very big steps, but we have also had some slow days to. I really think she will become a lovely little mare.

Lani: This week felt like slow but effective progression. She is becoming more comfortable with all of us around her, With a few scratches nibbles of hay along the way. She is definitely relaxing a lot more in her new environment. Over all I was very proud of aspen this week.

Rachel: Aspen has come a long way, from being really scared of people to now happy to interact and even seeking them. I can see she'll become a lovely chilled girl. It's just all about continuing to make people awesome and being clear so she doesn't get confused about working with three different super girls.