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Team Black Pearl Super Girls VBA Aspen wk 6 update

Over the last few weeks the girls have been working hard to establish Aspen’s understanding of our basic cues and increasing her trust of humans. She has learned how to follow, touch, put her head through a rope and let us touch her. This has allowed us to get to the point where we now have a halter on her and are beginning to practice catching and leading.

Aspen has taken such a big step over the last 6 weeks we have worked with her. Going from her being scared of me moving around in the pen, to letting me walk up to her and pat her and give her scratches whilst I have the rope around her neck. It has taken a long while to get to this point but we have finally been able to put the halter on  Aspen and gently lead her around for few steps. Yay!

Over the last 4 weeks we've had stacks of fun with Aspen. She's learnt so much and really enjoys people now. Aspen has learnt to follow us, allow us to touch her and put her head through a rope, which led to putting a halter on her. She found that step very challenging but is slowly connecting all the pieces and getting softer. You've still got a bit to learn before you enter the big world, Aspen. But you're clever enough to get there!


Six weeks wow it’s gone so fast. aspen started off running at the sight of us, to now letting us lead her and give her scratches and kisses. She is slowly gaining her trust back since putting the halter on since it was such a big step. She is so fun to be around, and is such a smart little filly with lots of personality, the next person to have is really lucky.