Australian Brumby Challenge

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Update 3 Week 10 – Hannah Szczypka and VBA Billie Buttons

 VBA Billie Buttons is coming on leaps and bounds. In the past 2 weeks we’ve accomplished quite a bit!

 She always sees me coming towards her paddock or yard and walks towards me instead of wandering okay I must admit this maybe because she wants food.. haha! But I’d rather her associate me as a funny looking food giver who asks a few questions, rather than a funny looking meany who offers nothing but confusing demands.

With a small bit of patience I can also stroke her in the paddock with no halter on. It on takes a minute to ask her, but she doesn’t mind. I think she secretly enjoys a scratch..She wouldn’t admit that though. She’s a tough, resilient and confident little lady hiding behind that cute fluff.

 It doesn’t take me long to halter her anymore, The hardest part is asking her to turn onto her ‘not so good’ side (the side I need to do the halter up on). Which she’s actually fine on but it’s more the process of switching sides that still worry’s her. Once she’s all halter up and clipped onto the lead rope she seems quite content on following me around with just a little pressure on the rope to ask her to walk on. She works extremely well on pressure and release, being a baby that’s how her older peers would teach her about herd dynamics so I guess that’s why she’s quite sensitive (in a good way) to pressure and release.

To sum up, we’re doing very well. She throws a few wobblies every now and then but she never gains anything from it, as I don’t react in the slightest. So she soon realises there’s not much point in wasting energy on silly Wobblies. But for the most part she’s a perfect student.

 Hannah Szczypka