Australian Brumby Challenge

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Update 1 Week 2 – Hannah Szczypka and VBA Billie Buttons

VBA Billie Buttons is settling in well to her education. During our first week I mainly just spent some time in her yard letting her get use to my presence, dotting some Lucerne around the yard so she could find some goodies along the way. And occasionally offering some from my hand, Showing her that humans aren’t that bad! Now that we’re on week 2 and she seems more settled with me I’ve been asking a little more of her. I’ve introduced the stick so she can get use to the feeling of touch. She certainly was very worried at first, quite jumpy and trying to run away from the strange touch. After a few short sessions and me listening to what she was trying to tell me, she soon realised nothing was hurting her, and in-fact the rope on the end of the stick actually felt quite comforting on her withers! By the end of the week I can scratch her with the stick on her withers, she knows exactly what I’m going to ask when the rope flicks over her so she happily accepts it now, and even had a little luck and chew showing me that she’s starting to relax.

She learnt a lot in week 2, most importantly that she was surviving and the small task I asked of her she could achieve. Only focusing on the one task (scratch on the withers), gave her so much reassurance. 

We’re taking our time and progressing at her own pace.