Australian Brumby Challenge

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Update 2 Week 6 – Hannah Szczypka and VBA Billie Buttons

 BB and I have had an AWESOME weekend together, After both of us having 3 weeks off I bought her back into training late this week. Shes clearly been doing lots of thinking while she had time out in the paddock as she’s come back in super chilled and open-minded. She hasn’t forgot anything she learnt in the weeks previous, I must admit I was starting to get a bit concerned we weren’t getting anywhere as it was taking such a long time to get her out her little shell she was hiding in. I could see she was so worried and confused, So I listened to her concerns and took my time..

Rushing any horses education no matter how far advanced they are or even if you have a deadline. It will always cause problems later down the road, I want Billie to gain confidence and skills which will stick with her for life not ‘perform’ with anxiety’s and stress.   

Patience has paid off. With only 4 weeks left until the big day, Some may think we’re behind in her education. However I feel she’s made so much progress in the past 3 days that I’m SUPER happy with where she’s at. 

She’s still worried, but she’s trying her little heart out. She’s quick to realise what I’m asking and always knows she’ll be rewarded for it whether that will be pressure off (me stepping right back out her way) and some yummy Lucerne hay..

..Yes I like to use food when educating horses. I feel it really helps BB release some tension that she may be holding, chewing encourages her brain the relax and in return doesn’t result in a blow up of panic. 

Food isn’t a great tool for ALL horses, some become greedy, and will get in your space to reach the food creating an uncomfortable learning environment. Luckily for BB she appreciates her treat very much and isn’t ever rude in wanting that rather than doing something to earn it.

I feel BB is feeling much more positive about this whole ‘Human’ business. I’m still that weird 2 legged thing that doesn’t neigh, But I’m becoming something that needs exploring, maybe the 2-legged isn’t that bad, I think she’s going to give me a chance. That’s all I can ask.