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hannah szczypka 

From glenlogie Vic: adult Trainer 

My name is Hannah Szczypka, I’m 27, from the U.K. Now living in Australia.

 I grew up in an animal loving family, but not a horsey one. So being the only one into horses was a struggle at first, having so much to learn on my own. However, in the long run I feel it helped me grow into the horse woman I am today. For years I loaned (leased) many horses and ponies, cobs to thoroughbreds. I always created a good, trusting relationship with each one, always enjoying their company rather than just being interested in riding. At 17 years old I finally saved up to buy my first pony, Lucy. 12.3hh welsh X. 10 years on and We’re still going strong. 

 Taking part in The Australian Brumby Yearling Challenge will allow me to learn  better communication skills which is what I feel is the most important part of training horses. Listening to what the horse is trying to tell us is so important, knowing when to give them breathing space. And equally they can tell us when they’re comfortable with what we’re asking of them. Giving them time to adjust and patience with our questions we will create trust and a willing attitude. I enjoy creating a partnership with every horse that comes into my life, no matter how long that may be for. 

Having this opportunity to educate VBA Billie Buttons is a great privilege, I hope I can set her up ready for a positive, stress free and happy domestic Brumby future. As well as show casing how incredibly versatile Brumbies are. 

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VBA Billie Buttons

VBA Billie Button's, mother VBA Sparkles was caught whilst pregnant from the Bago State Forest as part of an ongoing Brumby Management program in place there.

Named for the yellow flowers which abound in the High Country where the Brumbies live, Billie is a sweet little black filly.

VBA Billie Buttons trainer in the Australian Brumby Yearling Challenge is Hannah Szczypka.