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Emily Grant VBA Bingo - Update 1 week 2

 Week 1

Week one was spent getting to know Bingo and learn about her and her reactions.  Bingo is very timid and requires me to give her confidence, so that is what we have been doing.

I spent the first week sitting with Bingo and I had food in front of me. When Bingo began to feel comfortable with me being in her yard she would approach me and take the food. We continued to work on this and by the end of week 1 Bingo would walk over and take the food sitting next to me. This is a big step for Bingo who would initially hide in the corner when I was in her yard.

Week 2

Week two was the week where I started to add pressure asking Bingo to take food out of my hand.

Bingo now approaches me when I walk over to her yard and takes food out of my hand. We had our first touch and Bingo now approaches me and lets me touch her, I am so proud of this little girl.

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