VBA bingo

VBA Bingo's mother VBA Tally was caught whilst pregnant from the Bago State Forest as part of an ongoing Brumby Management program. Bingo is a stunning, confident bay filly who has loved being part of our wild herds here at Brumby Junction as she has grown up.

VBA Bingo's trainer in the Australian Brumby Yearling Challenge is Emily Grant

emily grant

From londrigan Vic: youth Trainer

At Thirteen years old, Emily is our youngest individual trainer in the Australian Brumby Yearling Challenge.

A member of the Rochester Pony Club, Emily can’t remember a point where horses were not a part of her life and spends every spare moment that she can with them.

When training horses, Emily aims to be patient, consistent and to know when to stop, listening to the horses needs and rewarding even a 1% try to finish the session on a positive note. She aims to give the Brumby she is training in the Australian Brumby Yearling Challenge 2019 a positive start to its learning journey and also to learn as much as she can from the Brumby to continue to improve her own horse skills.

 Training Updates

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