McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge

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Update 3 Week 10 – Sandy Varker and VBA Bridies Joy

Poppy and I have gone from strength to strength in the past 4 weeks as we build on the guidance provided by Warren Cochrane (from Cobe Lodge in Bagshot). 

Our accomplishments so far are:

Brushing her all over (including the removal of the dreadlocks in her mane and tail)
Leading around her yard (lots of this)
Picking up and cleaning out her front and back feet
Placing a saddle blanket on her
Introducing a pool noodle
Backing up when asked
Worming treatment
Introducing a summer rug
Changing halters

Each day we build on processes from the day before, other times we simply spent time doing nothing.

The biggest change has been that Poppy is now coming to me and wants to be involved with what I am doing.  Her curiosity is growing and her personality is shinning through. 

Poppy was chestnut when we collected her on pick-up date, but over the past few weeks she has developed into a strawberry roan, she is going to make a stunningly beautiful Brumby when fully grown.

We have many steps to complete in the final few weeks of the Australian Brumby Yearling Challenge but I believe that we are both up to the challenge.