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sandy varker

From goornong Vic: Adult Trainer

Sandy is a patient, positive, hardworking evolving horsewoman who strives to learn from all of lifes' opportunities. Already the proud owner of VBA Dreamer and VBA Cracker, Sandy has a deep belief in our Australian Brumbies. Using body energy and position is at the core of Sandy's training philosophy.

Whilst undertaking the Australian Brumby Yearling Challenge in 2016, Sandy learnt that the only limits we have are those which we place on ourselves – she is looking forward to undertaking the 2019 Australian Brumby yearling Challenge and continuing on her learning journey..

VBA Bridie's Joy

Bridie's Joy's mother, VBA Faith was caught whilst pregnant from the Bago State Forest as part of an ongoing Brumby Management program in place there. Joy was born at our Brumby Junction Sanctuary on the 21st of May, 2018. Born at such a late stage, Joy, a stunning copper chestnut filly, was left with her mother until she was almost 12 months old to let her gain as much benefit as possible from learning the perfect social ways of our wild ones.

VBA Joy's trainer in the Australian Brumby Yearling Challenge is Sandy Varker.

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