Australian Brumby Challenge

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Update 1 Week 2 – Elizabeth Grant and VBA Mignon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
My goal for the past two weeks was to have VBA Mignon (Mini) comfortable with me being in her space and moving around her, while forming a bond with her and having her trust me.

The past two weeks have been spent building trust and learning about minis personality, while doing this became quite interested in what humans are and how we interact.

During the two weeks after spending a lot of time just chilling with her I started applying a little bit of pressure, I asked mini questions and waited for her to find the solution. This started with me placing my hand out in front of me and asking Mini to acknowledge that my hand was there. As she got more confident I would ask for a little bit more, by the end of the first week she was getting comfortable taking a step in towards me, now mini is approaching me and getting pats on the head.

I believe it is important to take the time to get the foundations right when training horses, this may take a little longer at the beginning of our training but it helps build a confident solid horse.

Goal for the next two weeks: my goal for the next two weeks is to get mini comfortable being touched and working towards putting a halter on her.  

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