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elizabeth grant

From londrigan Vic: youth Trainer

At fifteen years old, Elizabeth has been loving and training horses as long as she can remember. She enjoys helping other people with their horses and uses observation, body language, consistency and trust as well as her preparedness to adapt to build a positive relationship with her horses.

Elizabeth participated in the 2018 Australian Brumby Yearling Challenge and kept the yearling, VBA Avena that she trained, taking her home to live with her Brumby mare VBA Sansa. Elizabeth aims to use her skills to provide a safe environment for a young Brumby to develop and learn through the Australian Brumby Yearling Challenge in 2019.

She is willing to give her all to make this Challenge a positive experience for the Brumby she is training.

 Training Updates

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VBA Mignon

VBA Mignon was caught from the Bogong High Plains (Mt Nelse) area on the 21st of May 2019 as a ‘weanling’ aged foal. Although caught with several members of her family group, it appeared that her mother was not amongst them.

Due to Mignons young age, she was turned out at Brumby Junction in one of our bigger paddocks with her family to settle into life on a domestic farm. Mignon is a stunning, chunky black filly and has a really calm temperament.

VBA Mignon's trainer in the Australian Brumby Yearling Challenge is Elizabeth Grant.