Australian Brumby Challenge

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Update 3 Week 10 – Briar Morris and VBA Pilot

Wow 9 weeks since I picked up little Pilot and what a change. Pilots confidence has grown so much, he has been introduced to new people and is now haltered and leading. He is happy to be patted by strangers still a little unsure to start off with but when he starts to realise they are just as nice as I am and give just as good scratches then he really starts to open up. Little Pilot hasn’t had as much work as I would have liked having an extended period out in the big paddock with the herd but I am super proud of this little horse and the progress he has made. I expressed earlier that he is a lot like Levi my previous challenge brumby and I still stand by the similarities they hold. There looks are uncanny and there personalities are very similar. Once I won the both of them over a new confident horse has come alive. Pilot still has his worried stages with new things but his confidence has grown that he can have a small scare about it then quickly realise it’s actually not as bad as he thinks. Pilot will be looking for a home after the challenge and I know that when he meets his person he will bond with them and give his all. I’m super excited to see him at the challenge and to see just how far his progress has come.