Australian Brumby Challenge

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Update 1 Week 2 – Briar Morris and VBA Pilot

Well 1 week since I picked up young Pilot. I had a minor delay in pick up as I was in QLD visiting family. Pick up went smoothly, Pilot loaded onto my float super easily and my first impressions were that I have a second Levi just a lot smaller. Levi was my last challenge brumby and boy was he a challenge but such a reward. Little Pilot has given me a similar vibe being very shy and flighty, not having a lot of confidence in himself and life around him. This first week we got a few small touches but mostly just trying to be with Pilot and get him to understand I’m not so scary after all. He has my very first challenge brumby Esther as his confident and she is doing a good job at trying to show him that I’m really good at giving great scratches. I’m super excited to be working with Pilot throughout and excited to watch him grow.